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On Mother's Day

To the mother who many years ago, brought her dying little boy to my front door and begged me to keep him… to save his life… thank you for trusting me.

To the mother who handed me her son with tears streaming down her face. Almost too exhausted to speak… thank you for trying. I understand. Read More


4 Siblings

We went to pick up an abandoned child that was referred to us from a government facility. My social worker and I were prepared for the worst. Desperately underfunded and overcrowded, whenever we were asked to take a small one from this center, we were prepared to do so without hesitation. They were not set up to care for infants. Teens and older kids who were in trouble with the law, were made to care for the little ones. That was their punishment. Oh, the abuses I have stumbled upon because of this system of so-called discipline.
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